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Highspeed Cameras

Incredibly small, yet incredibly fast camera systems. Discover our compact highspeed cameras by ix-cameras. Small, light and handy. The high-speed cameras of the i-SPEED 2 series are suitable for a great variety of applications. In the industrial field, in research labs or in media production – this high-speed camera series offers you a cost-efficient, yet powerful solution for your high-speed project. The i-SPEED 210 is the entry-model which weighs only 300 g and is so small that it even fits in very narrow spaces. Despite its small size, this small high-speed camera can shoot up to 79.500 frames per second. Imagine now, how strong the other high-speed camera models perform!

The Ideal Portable Slow Motion Camera

The light weight and small size are not the only factors which make the i-SPEED 2 series the ideal high-speed camera for on the go. The i-SPEED 211 can be operated in battery mode for up to one hour, which makes it perfectly suitable for environments that offer no external power supply. Furthermore, when purchasing one of these slow motion cameras, you can choose the perfect memory size for your needs. The lenses can also be exchanged, depending on the application you need it for. The user-friendly software complements this high-speed camera series.

Highspeed Camera Consulting

Do you have any questions regarding our slow motion cameras or do you need consulting before purchasing a high-speed camera? Then contact us! We are happy to help you with possible high-speed camera configurations.
Or maybe you are interested in a larger, more powerful high-speed camera? Due to the many different possibilities of configuration, we do not offer the larger slow motion cameras such as the i-SPEED 5 series and i-SPEED 7 series, which offer up to 2.45 million fps, in our online shop. But after consulting, we will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer for our high-end high-speed cameras.

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