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FLIR E52 – the New Starter Camera of the FLIR Exx Series 

With the FLIR E52, Teledyne FLIR launches an addition to its FLIR Exx Series that becomes an affordable all-in-one solution for thermography inspection and report generation through its full compatibility with the FLIR Thermal Studio Suite.  

The FLIR E52 at One Glance 

  • IR Resolution: 240 x 180 px 
  • Visual Camera: 5 MP, fix focus, LED illumination 
  • Thermal Sensitivity: < 50 mK at 30°C 
  • Temperature Range: -20°C – 550°C 
  • Zoom: continuous 1-4x 
  • Battery Operation Time: over 2.5 hours at typical use 
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi 
  • Thermal Studio Suite compatible 


Optimized for Reporting  

Its full FLIR Thermal Studio compatibility combined with the FLIR Inspection Route software turns the FLIR E52 into the optimal thermal camera for inspection reporting. The possibility to automatically upload your inspection images to the FLIR Ignite Cloud as well as the possibility to add audio commentaries directly to the inspection images via integrated microphone immensely simplify the preparation for your inspection reports.
Furthermore, the FLIR MSX technology combines the outlines of a visual image with the thermal image, resulting in inspection images that make it easier to localize abnormalities. 

The Cameras of the FLIR Exx Series   

The FLIR E52 is the new beginners’ model of the FLIR Exx series. In case you want to start with a “bigger” thermal camera, we also offer you the FLIR E54 camera in our online shop. The camera models E76, E86 and E96 can also be ordered upon request. Contact us!  

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