Highspeed Camera i-SPEED 203

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Highspeed Camera i-SPEED 203

The i-SPEED 230 is the largest model of the high-speed compact camera series.

Powerful Compact Camera

Although the i-SPEED 203 is a very small and compact high-speed camera, its performance is impressive! The maximum frame rate is 225 000 fps, while at its full resolution of 1280 x 864 pixels, it still achieves 1500 frames per second. Furthermore, the i-SPEED 203 is extremely light-sensitive and can be used even in difficult lighting conditions.

Ring Memory and Pre-/Post-Trigger Function

The internal ring memory of the i-SPEED 203 has a storage capacity of up to 16GB. This ensures that you have sufficient memory for your even larger high-speed recordings. Thanks to the pre-/post-trigger function you will no longer miss an important moment, as it also records the period just before and after your recording.

Ideal High-Speed Camera for Mobile Use

With its small size of 65 x 65 x 120 mm (B x H x L) and its light weight of only 500 g (without lens), the i-SPEED 203 high-speed compact camera is ideal for flexible and mobile work. Its vibration-resistant G-Shock housing also makes it ideally suited for harsher conditions such as outdoor use.

Speed,  Resolution and Recording Times of the i-SPEED 203

BPS / FPSAuflösung / Resolution8GB16GB
2.5001280 x 8642,48 s4,96
2.8131280 x 7682,48 s4,96
3.0001280 x 7202,48 s4,96
4.2191280 x 5122,48 s4,96
4.5011280 x 4802,48 s4,96
9.0021280 x 2402,48 s4,96
16.8791280 x 1282,48 s4,96

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