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Industrial Borescopes

In addition to video borescopes, we also offer a wide range of industrial endoscopes such as borescopes and fiberscopes, as well as corresponding endoscope accessories. Discover our large selection of industrial borescopes of the brand “viZaar” which allows you to perform efficient and precise direct visual inspections. 

The Different Types of Industrial Borescopes  

There are different types of endoscopes for industrial purposes. With INDUVID, you have the opportunity to choose between a variety of fiberscopes and borescopes and to purchase the suitable accessories.  

Borescopes – Rigid Endoscopes  

Our conventional industrial endoscopes include rigid endoscopes, also called “borescopes”. In technical terms, borescopes are rod lens systems. Due to their design, rod lens systems offer light-intense solutions with small lens diameters. The sharpness of the image can usually be adjusted by turning a focus ring on the eyepiece. Furthermore, it is possible to connect an additional light source to the industrial borescope via light guide connection. In the industrial context, rigid borescopes are often used for quality control of components. As the name “borescope” suggests, these industrial borescopes are especially suitable for visual inspection of bores.  

Fiberscopes – Flexible Endoscopes  

In addition to borescopes, you can also purchase fiberscopes online with INDUVID. Fiberscopes are flexible endoscopes in which light and images are not transmitted via lenses, but via fiber optic bundles, hence the name “fiberscopes”. Flexible endoscopes are also used for industrial purposes. Thanks to their flexibility, fiberscopes can be optimally pushed through pipe bends and narrow tube turns. The probe tips of some of our flexible industrial borescopes can even be articulated. This type of borescope is often used in the automotive sector. If necessary, it is also possible to connect light sources to the fiberscopes.  

Where are Industrial Borescopes Used?  

Industrial borescopes, often also referred to as “optical borescopes” are used in many industrial sectors. They are especially popular for quality control of gears, turbines, motors and castings. Industrial borescopes are also used in the machining industry to check that bores are free of burrs. However, borescopes are used in many other areas: e. g. in the inspection of cavity sealing or the inspection of thermal insulation. The search for corrosion scars and discolorations as well as the search for foreign objects can also be carried out with the help of these rigid and flexible endoscopes. In general, it can be said that optical endoscopes are important tools for quality control, defect detection and maintenance. Combined with the appropriate light source, nothing stands in the way of your direct visual inspection with industrial borescopes. 

Light Sources for Industrial Borescopes  

Whether direct or indirect visual testing – successful inspections require appropriate illumination. For both rigid and flexible endoscopes, we offer corresponding light sources. In our online shop for endoscopy supplies you will find, for example, the cold-light sources LUMLED 7000 and LUMLED 4000 for stationary endoscopy, but also portable light sources for inspections that require more flexibility.  

Expand your Field of View!  

With our mirror tubes and objective tubes, you can adjust direction of view and field of view of your industrial borescope according to your requirements. With INDUVID, you have access to liquid-tight objective tubes and mirror tubes for borescopes, universal endoscopes and focusable endoscopes. Using these tubes (especially liquid-tight objective tubes) will additionally protect your borescope against environmental conditions. 

Another way to change DOV and FOV of your industrial endoscope is using interchangeable optics. Currently, we are offering optics for universal borescopes with Ø 4 mm, Ø 5.5 mm and Ø 8 mm. There optics allow you to change e. g. the DOV of your borescope to 70° while changing the FOV to 85°. Benefit from the many possibilities to optimally adjust your endoscope.  

All-in-One Solutions for Industrial Endoscopy  

The VUVISION/VUVISION+ is the ultimate all-in-one solution for stationary, industrial endoscopy. Connect your flexible or rigid endoscopes via special camera handle to the VUVISION and benefit from a wide range of useful features for direct visual testing. Digitize your inspection results and document them comprehensibly.  

By the way: For stationary work places we recommend the test station VUDESK by viZaar. The VUDESK has an integrated test device which makes your inspection more efficient while protecting your lens system from damage.  

Advice on Industrial Borescopes  

Do you have any questions concerning our conventional industrial borescopes, accessories or endoscope illumination? Or do you need an endoscope configuration that is not included in our online shop? Then please contact us! Together we will find a suitable configuration for your application. Give us a call:  +49 (0)7432 98375-0 or contact us by using our contact form:  

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