Flexible Endoscopes

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Flexible Endoscopes

Fiberscopes consist of flexible optical fibers. Therefore, they also go by the name flexible endoscopes.

What are Flexible Endoscopes Used for?

Like borescopes, flexible endoscopes are used for direct visual inspection in the industrial sector, where areas have to be inspected, that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Compared to rigid endoscopes, flexible endoscopes can also be used for applications with narrow tube turns or other bends.
Flexible endoscopes are often used in the following sectors:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Petro chemistry
  • Energy & food industry

In general, visual testing with flexible endoscopes takes place everywhere, where the highest quality standards must be met. Furthermore, the security sector often benefits from the use of flexible endoscopes. These optical aids are perfect tools e. g. for vehicle and luggage controls, container inspections or observations.

Micro Fiberscopes

Our viZaar fiberscopes are especially thin and flexible. We offer flexible endoscopes starting at an outer diameter of only 0.35 mm and up to 2.4 mm. Each fiberscope diameter is available in both 500 mm and 1000 mm length.


You can either use the fiberscope for direct visual inspection with your eyes only, or connect it to our VUVISION documentation system. Connect your fiberscope via VUHD-Cam and benefit from Full HD resolution and a great amount of adjustment options. Make your visual inspection with flexible endoscopes a full success and benefit from comprehensible documentation.
Technical data of our micro fiberscopes:

0.35 mm500 mm70°3 000 px
0.5 mm500 mm70°3 000 px
0.8 mm500 mm70°6 000 px
1.0 mm500 mm70°6 000 px
1.4 mm500 mm85°17 000 px
1.4 mm1000 mm85°17 000 px
1.9 mm500 mm85°30 000 px
1.9 mm1000 mm85°30 000 px
2.4 mm500 mm85°30 000 px
2.4 mm1000 mm85°30 000 px

Other Flexible Endoscopes

There are also fiberscopes with articulating probe heads. They can be especially useful when inspecting narrow areas with several turns and when you have to look around a bend.

Special Flexible Endoscope Solutions

If you are not able to find a suitable fiberscope solution for your unique application, don’t worry! Contact us, we are sure there is always something we can do for you. Not all of our products are available in the online shop, so it is very likely that we can always offer you something else that might just not be listed here.