Endoscope Light Guides

delivery period: appx. 2 - 4 weeks


Light up the Dark

For conclusive inspections you need a suitable light source that is able to illuminate your application. With INDUVID you will find both portable light sources as well as stationary light sources. In order to use stationary light sources, you need the corresponding light guide.

Our Light Guides

For transmitting light from the light source to the endoscope we offer special glass fiber light guides:
The outer diameter of this glass fiber light guide is 4.8 mm and its work length is 1800 mm. The connector withstands temperatures up to 300°C and is especially suitable for high performance light sources.

Light Guide Connections

The standard connections of the light guides are one connector for our LUMLED light sources and one ACMI endoscope connector, both are included in the scope of delivery. Other light guides, connectors and adapters are available upon request.

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