Tip Adapter Storage Box

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Organized and Safe

Tip adapters for borescopes are especially small and have to be safely stored and transported. For that reason, we offer you the corresponding tip adapter storage boxes. These storage and transport boxes for tip adapters contain a protective foam with several recesses for different optic adapters as well as for SD cards.

Optimal Protection for Ø 4 mm to 8 mm Tip Adapters

We are offering you two different storage boxes for borescope tip adapters. The black colored box has been designed for the VUCAM optic adapters by viZaar, hence it offers space for tip adapters with 4 mm and 6 mm diameter. Of course you can also use this tip adapter storage box for optic adapters by other manufactures, as long as the diameter is the same.
The red colored tip adapter case has been designed for the tip adapters of the viZaar VUMAN E3. Therefore, this box offers space for Ø 6 mm and Ø 8 mm tip adapters.
Both tip adapter storage boxes also contain two slots for SD cards, so those small components are stored safely as well!