VUCAM Optic Adapters

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The Ideal Optics for your Application

Benefit from our variety of optical adapters for the portable 6 mm video endoscope VUCAM XO/XO+ and 4 mm VUCAM XF/XF+. We offer different optic adapters with wide-angle, straight and side view, as well as close and far focus range.

Straight viewing inspections

The VUCAM XO/XO+ videoscope comes with a standard straight view optic with a focus range of 15 mm to ∞. The straight view optical adapter changes the systems optical parameter to 120° wide angle and sets the focus distance close (3 mm to 120 mm). This optic adapter provides very good results in narrow spaces such as small tubes and orbital weld inspections. Furthermore, the two-step thread connection prevents any risk of losing the optical adapter inside your application.

Side Viewing Optic Adapter with Close and Far Focus

In addition to the straight view optical adapter, we offer two options for side viewing optical adapters for your portable video endoscope VUCAM XO/XO+. The first one is a 90° side view adapter with 45° FOV and far focus 12 mm to ∞. The Second optic adapter for side view also has a 90° direction of view while opening the field of view to 120°. Moreover, this optic adapter shortens the minimum focus to very close distance: 2 mm to 120 mm.

The VUCAM XF/XF+, which has a focus range of 4 mm – 200 mm, also offers two side view optic adapters. Both tip adapters have a DOV of 90°, but their focus range is different. The first optic adapter has a depth of field of 1,5 mm – 18 mm and the second adapter has a DOF of 4 mm – 100 mm.

All VUCAM optic adapters are designed with a two-step thread connection to prevent the adapters from falling off in the application.

You can either purchase single adapters or have a look at our VUCAM accessory kits!