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Flexible and Precise with the VUCAM XF

The VUCAM XF/XF+ is a portable videoscope with the smallest diameter of 4 mm and an interchangeable optic adapter for 90° side view which is ideal for every inspection that, requires a probe with a small diameter. Work both flexible and precise with the VUCAM XF!

Don’t miss a thing with the VUCAM XF+

Sometimes one blink is enough to miss a critical spot, or you’re not fast enough to press the record button when you see something interesting. For situations like this, the VUCAM series is equipped with the back-buffer video recording function. Using this smart feature, you will always record a few seconds before you press the button.

You Want to See Even More?

If you demand more features and functions, choose the VUCAM XF+. The + version enables you to stream your inspection via LAN connection in order to get a second opinion, to share the inspection with your boss or client, or if you want to watch the inspection from afar yourself. Sometimes it can also be helpful to use a bigger monitor. For that reason, the + version comes with a video-out function that allows you to connect the monitor of your choice. Furthermore, some of the general VUCAM features such as the back-buffer video recording have more settings in the + version. With the VUCAM XF+ for example, you can record up to 30 seconds before pressing the button (instead of 15 seconds for the normal VUCAM version).

VUCAM XF Accessories

To make it easier to perform successful visual inspections, we offer you the corresponding accessories for our portable videoscopes. Our VUCAM accessory kits contain everything you need for long, fatigue-free inspections: starting with additional memory cards to batteries and shoulder straps. Optic adapters are part of the kits as well. These optic adapters with which you are able to change DOV and DOF can also be purchased separately in our online shop!

viZaar Quality

The viZaar company takes quality serious, since every product is produced to offer maximum performance for the longest possible period. In order to provide maximum safety and minimal weight, the manufacturer prefers the use of carbon housings. Due to its high quality, viZaar offers a lifetime warranty on all carbon components of the VUCAM, as well as on the LED lighting.

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