Shoulder Straps

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Shoulder Straps for Inspection Cameras

In order to make working with your videoscope or any other inspection system easier, we offer special carry straps that you can attach to your inspection system. These shoulder straps allow you to carry the videoscope around your neck or over your shoulder.

Corresponding Systems

Currently, we offer two different shoulder straps by viZaar. One shoulder strap has tree attachment hooks while the other one has four. Initially, these shoulder straps have been developed for the use of the viZaar VUCAM and the the VUSCREEN of viZaar VUMAN E3 and viZaar MATRIX E3, but of course, the carry straps can be used with any inspection system with the corresponding amount of rings to hook into.

The Advantages of Shoulder Straps for Videoscopes

Especially when an inspection takes longer, operators feel how they fatigue. Holding the inspection system for a long time is difficult, the inspection gets uncomfortable. Using a shoulder strap is reducing fatigue, since you no longer have to hold the videoscope or control unit, but only have to lead the probe or operate the camera system. Moreover, you can operate more freely for at least one hand is no longer occupied. Carrying your inspection system on a shoulder strap also increases the safety of your product because falling is a lot less likely.