iPLORE+ Battery Charger

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Videoscope Battery Charger with International Plugs

In addition to spare batteries for our iPLORE+ videscope, we also offer battery chargers. The iPLORE+ battery charger comes with different plugs for EU, UK, US and AUS. This way, we make sure that you can use the videoscope almost everywhere without the need of additional plug adapters.

Technical Data

Plugs: EU / UK / US / AUS

AC input: AC 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 0.4A

AC output: 5V 2A

Weight: 0,130 kg

Height: 9 cm

Width: 4,5 cm

Depth: 4 cm

Do you already know the iPLORE+ transport case? It offers plenty of space for your videoscope accessories, including the battery charger:

iPLORE Transport Case