FLIR One Edge Pro

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The latest thermal camera for smartphones

You like the FLIR One Pro and the FLIR One Pro LT? Then you will love the new FLIR One Edge Pro!  

This thermal imaging camera for smartphones will turn your smartphone into a real thermal camera. FLIR MSX, VividIR and the IR resolution of 160 x 120 pixels allow you to create meaningful thermal images and locate problematic areas.   

One Glance at the FLIR One Edge Pro:

  • IR resolution: 160 x 120 (19,200 px)  
  • Visual resolution: 640 x 480 px  
  • HFOV: 54° +/- 1°   
  • VFOV: 42° +/-1°  
  • Battery life: approx. 1.5 h   
  • Object temperature range: -20°C to 120°C and 0°C to 400°C   
  • Thermal sensitivity: 70 mK  
  • Focus: fixed focus, focus range 30 cm to infinity   
  • Image modes: infrared, visual, MSX   
  • Bluetooth: yes  
  • WLAN: yes   
  • Range: up to 30 m from smartphone / tablet   
  • Impact resistance: 2 m height 

Find more information about this thermal imaging camera for smartphones in the technical data sheet:  


How to connect the FLIR One Edge Pro:

Unlike the two smartphone thermal cameras mentioned above, the FLIR One Edge Pro is connected via Wi-Fi instead of being plugged in. This makes you even more flexible and mobile during thermal inspections.  

What are the advantages of the FLIR One Edge Pro:

Like its predecessors, this connectable thermal imaging camera for smartphones is ideal for mobile applications. But unlike the other two cell phone thermal imaging cameras, the FLIR One Edge Pro is not designed as a USB plug-in camera, but is connected via Wi-Fi. This means you don’t necessarily have to attach the FLIR One Edge Pro to your smartphone. Instead, you can detach the slim cell phone thermal camera, allowing you to take thermal images without having to slide the phone into areas that are hard to reach. These characteristics make the FLIR One Edge Pro much more flexible than the other thermal cameras for smartphones.  

Which Smartphones are compatible with the FLIR One Edge Pro?  

 The FLIR One Edge Pro is fully compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you can share one Edge Pro with your colleagues even if you use different kinds of mobile devices.