Infrared Camera FLIR E8-XT

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Enjoy the competitive advantage with the FLIR E8-XT which is able to create pin sharp thermal images due to its extremely high resolution of 78.800 pixels! In combination with FLIR’s MSX® image optimization technology, you can create incomparable thermal images. Additionally, the simple handling and its sturdiness make this thermal imaging camera the ideal measurement tool for any inspection, even in rough environments.

User friendly IR camera

Due to its self-explaining handling, the FLIR Systems Ex-series (E4, E5-XT, E6-XT, E8-XT) is perfectly suitable for thermal inspection beginners. The camera lens is fixed and focus-free. Therefore, you don’t have to make complex adjustments to receive high quality images and satisfying results. Simply navigate through the menu by using intuitive buttons below the screen. Using the FLIR E8-XT, IR-inspections are a piece of cake!

A handy all-rounder

Perform even longer inspections without interrupting since the FLIR E8-XT provides a battery runtime of up to four hours. Moreover, if an external power supply is available, you can run the inspection while charging the camera. The E8-XT offers protection class IP57, meaning that the housing of the IR camera is dust-, splashed, and shockproof and withstands falls up to 2 m. Because the camera is very compact and weighs only 0.575 kg, you can easily transport it in a belt pouch. Adding different optional accessories, you will be prepared for any kind of testing situation.
Especially useful is the wifi connectivity of the FLIR E8-XT to mobile devices. Via FLIR Tools® Mobile App you can e.g. connect the camera to your phone or tablet and take a closer look at the thermal images. This allows you to make critical decisions on the spot, if necessary.
Furthermore, transferring your data to any PC or Mac is just as easy. All you need is a USB-connection. Since the standard image format is JPEG, you will be able to view your results on pretty much every device.

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