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Our Range of Moisture Meters

With the FLIR MR160, FLIR MR176 and FLIR MR277 we offer you complete moisture measurement solutions with integrated thermal imaging cameras.

The Moisture Meter FLIR MR160

The MR160 by Teledyne FLIR is an IGM moisture meter. The “Infrared Guided Measurement” moisture meter is, as the name implies, an infrared-guided measurement tool that e. g. helps you detect moist spots in buildings and on construction sites. The FLIR MR160 has an integrated pinless sensor for non-intrusive measurements, as well as an external pin probe for intrusive measurements. For further information on technical data, please refer to the FLIR MR160 data sheet:


FLIR MR176 – Always Work Flexible

Like the FLIR MR160, the FLIR MR176 is an infrared guided measurement moisture meter. The integrated thermal sensor helps you detect moist spots and the integrated cross-hair pointer lets you aim directly at the detected anomaly for precise measurement. The FLIR MR176 moisture meter allows you to individually decide whether you want to do intrusive or non-intrusive measurements thanks to the integrated pinless sensor as well as the external pin probe. Furthermore, the field-replaceable temperature and relative humidity sensor deliver extra convenience. An overview of the technical data of the FLIR MR176 can be found in our data sheet:


The Moisture Meter with Thermal Camera and MSX Technology

With the FLIR MR277 we present the very first IGM moisture meter with thermal imaging camera and MSX technology. This moisture meter by Teledyne FLIR combines the abilities of an infrared guided measurement tool with the advantages of the patented FLIR MSX image optimization technology. The MSX technology gives your thermal image the contours of the visual image and the 4 times higher IR resolution compared to its predecessor models also contributes to a higher efficiency.
Using the built-in pinless moisture sensor or external pin probe, you are able to take moisture measurements in the area you have isolated using IGM technology and laser pointer. You can also connect the MR277 moisture meter to additional software for better analysis and reporting. Find out more about the technical data of the FLIR MR277 by taking a look at the specifications:


Find the Suitable Moisture Meter

Are you not sure which moisture meter meets your requirements? Contact us! Our IR-specialists are more than happy to advise you personally. Give us a call at +49 (0)7432 98375-0 or use our contact form:

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