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FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras

Discover our range of FLIR thermal imaging cameras! We offer you affordable infrared cameras with suitable accessories. For the most part, our thermal imaging camera portfolio includes especially handy and small infrared cameras. As you are used to from FLIR, the cameras are very intuitive, robust and powerful.

FLIR C Series: A Pocket-Size Thermal Imaging Cam

The FLIR thermal cams FLIR C3-X and FLIR C5 are extremely popular on construction sites, for they fit in almost every pocket and are therefore especially useful for quick inspections during construction. Furthermore, the infrared cameras of the FLIR C series are very robust and withstand a fall from heights of up to 2 m. Combined with up to 4 h battery mode, the FLIR C series is the ideal thermal imaging cam for outdoor recordings.

Plug-and-Play: The Thermal Cam for Smartphones

Do you already know the pluggable infrared cameras of the FLIR ONE series? The small camera module is connectable to your smartphone via USB C or lightning connection and turns your phone into a thermal imaging camera. Thanks to the plug-and-play function, you can immediately start taking thermal images with your phone. The operation is very simple because you can use intuitive smartphone gestures. Additionally, the direct connection to your Smartphone makes sending images via e-Mail or sharing them via social media very easy. Find out more about the FLIR ONE Pro and FLIR ONE Pro LT!

FLIR TG – The Affordable IR Camera Series  

By including the FLIR TG165-X and TG267 in our thermal imaging camera portfolio, we have added two especially affordable IR cameras to our online shop. Both cameras are particularly light-weight and handy and are optimally suited to be included in the typical electrician’s equipment. Detect sources of error and measure temperature ranges starting at -25°C and up to 300°C (FLIR TG165-X) or even up to 380°C (FLIR TG267). MSX technology and crosshair lasers turn these affordable thermal imaging cameras into even more accurate and efficient tools.  

FLIR Ex-Series Powerful Thermal Imaging Cameras

The Ex-series is probably the most versatile and popular thermal imaging camera series made by FLIR. The Ex-series includes infrared cameras for thermography beginners as well as for professional IR camera users. With a temperature measurement range of up to 550°C, the Ex-series opens up to an even wider range of applications than the TG thermal imaging camera series. The high resolution of the integrated IR sensor and the visual image camera ensure that images and recordings are comprehensible for the operator. Convince yourself:  

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Moisture Meters with Integrated IR Camera  

Are you already familiar with the moisture meters FLIR MR160, MR176 and MR277? These moisture meters come with an integrated infrared camera and MSX-technology. Via integrated or external sensor you can detect moist spots either by invasive or non-invasive measuring. These moisture meters make thermal imaging of buildings and constructions even more efficient due to the combination with a thermal imaging camera.  

Software and Accessories for FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras 

Our online shop for thermal imaging cameras also offers corresponding accessories and additional software that, in some cases, might be necessary for creating, editing and documenting thermal images. Go ahead and have a look at our NDT accessories!  

What are Thermal Imaging Cameras Useful for

Thermal imaging or infrared cameras are used, for example, wherever temperature fluctuations can indicate defects or danger spots. For example, infrared cameras are often used to take thermal images from buildings in order to detect flaws like cracks or even leakage. Elektricians also often carry thermal imaging cameras with them. However, thermal imaging cameras are also useful for detecting body heat. That’s why these IR cameras are popular with hunters, as well, and also used by firefighters or police to search for people.  

Which is the Right IR Camera for my Application?  

Do you need competent advice from a thermography expert before making a decision which camera you purchase? Do you have questions concerning our thermal imaging cameras or would you like to purchase a more complex infrared camera? Then contact us! We are happy to advise you – also on other thermal imaging cameras that cannot be found in our online shop.

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