Infrared Camera FLIR C3-X

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The thermal imaging camera FLIR C3-X is the little brother of the FLIR C5 and a compact, powerful inspection tool for building inspections and maintenance work or repairs of plants and electrical systems. Due to the great variety of professional measurement functions such as the MSX real time image optimization, the detection of maximal and minimal temperatures and the WIFI connection, you are able to immediately detect critical temperature patterns. Furthermore, you can easily document the repairs you have done and share them with your boss and/or client via WIFI.

This handy tool contains it all

  • Integrated touchscreen with intuitive, user friendly interface
  • Professional measurement functions for detection of hot and cold spots
  • Includes FLIR-Tools software for analysing, editing and documenting your recordings and measurements
  • Use WIFI to transfer your results to your client, boss or yourself

FLIR C3-X IR camera with MSX® image optimization

The FLIR C3-X comes with FLIR’s unique image optimization technology “MSX”. This technology combines the images of the daylight camera and of the infrared camera. Thereby, the software creates a genuine thermal image which in detail shows exactly where particular temperature patterns are.

Work on the go with the FLIR C3-X

The compact design of this camera makes it possible to fit it in any pocket. Up to 4 h battery runtime offer you plenty of time for precise recordings. When there is an external power supply, you can also record with the FLIR C3-X while it is connected to the power supply. A minimum of 5.000 sets of images can be saved in the internal storage and the data can be transferred via micro USB (Type C) or WIFI. Also, streaming your inspection is possible via FLIR-Tools.

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