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Industrial Videoscopes

Here you can find a selection of high-quality industrial videoscopes for remote visual inspection, such as the portable videoscope series “VUCAM” by viZaar. In addition to the different, hand held videoscopes, we offer the corresponding endoscope accessories.

Advantages of Industrial Videoscopes

Making use of industrial videoscopes will minimize the downtimes of your plants or, in some cases, even completely avoid possible downtimes! This will save you high costs that would arise from possible production stops or from otherwise necessary scaffolding. Using videoscopes will also increase the productivity and efficiency of your machines and machine components, and improve the overall safety of your employees as well as for your plants and plant components. Through preventive maintenance with videoscopes, you are able to find potentially critical areas before they become problematic.

Remote visual inspection with industrial videoscopes is especially efficient. Our videos are handy and can be operated in battery mode without an external power supply, which makes them particularly useful for non-destructive testing in critical environments where there is no connection to the mains power possible. Some of our videoscopes even offer the possibility to change the video probes depending on the length and diameter that are needed. The iPLORE Videoscope even provides you with the possibility to use UV probes or IR probes!

Where are Videoscopes Used?

Depending on the configuration of the videoscopes (size, probe length, diameter, performance, …), videoscopes are suitable for different industrial sectors. The industrial videoscopes that you can find here are handy and portable videoscopes which are often used in the automotive sector, e. g. for the inspection of gears and bearings. However, these videoscopes are also used in the foundry industry, in CNC production, for weld seam inspections, heat exchanger inspections and leakage detection.

Consulting and Special Videoscopes

Do you need a particularly long video endoscope for more complex visual inspections? Then take a look at viZaar’s VUMAN E3/E3+ videoscope system, which is especially powerful and flexible. Its multiple interchangeable video probes have a patented remote focus technology and additional, interchangeable optic adapters.

We are happy to advise you on the purchase of such a video endoscope system. Contact us!

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