iPLORE+ interchangeable videoprobe IR

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Interchangeable video probe IR

The portable videoscope iPLORE+ is very adaptable. That’s why we are able to offer a wide range of interchangeable videoprobes, including white light probes, UV probes and infrared probes.

The interchangeable probe iPLORE+ IR has a diameter of 6.4 mm and is 2 m long.

General product features

  • 5” LCD screen with 1200 x 720 px
  • Direct access buttons for settings, illumination and recording
  • Joystick control for articulation
  • HDMI and composite connection, mini USB 2.0
  • Memory: SD card up to 32 GB

Usage of infrared videoscopes

Compared to “normal” videoscopes, infrared videoscopes are able to provide an image without the need of illumination because they detect differences in temperature. That IR videoscopes the perfect tool for rescue missions, e.g. retrieval of persons or crucial materials.
In the security sector, infrared videoscopes are also useful when observing suspects or other persons of interests in the dark. In such cases, IR videoscopes are often used because they are easier to conceal than normal thermal imaging cameras.
Furthermore, infrared videoscopes can help in the technical industry, e.g. when looking for technical defects in components such as an overheating ball bearing.



Important Information

Please note that this offer includes the interchangeable probe iPLORE+ IR. You can purchase the base unit of the iPLORE+ vidoescope here.