iPLORE+ interchangeable videoprobe UV

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Interchangeable video probe UV

We offer a wide range of interchangeable video probes for our portable videoscope iPLORE+. Along with the iPLORE+ UV videoscopes, we also offer normal white light probes as well as video probes with infrared technology.

General features

  • 5” LCD screen with 1200 x 720 px
  • Direct access buttons for settings, illumination and recording
  • Articulation control via Joystick
  • HDMI and composite connection, mini USB 2.0 and SD card up to 32 GB

Usage of the UV videoscope

The UV videoprobes of the iPLORE+, can either be purchased as UV light probes only or as white light and UV light probes. In combination with a fluorescent substance, the ultraviolet radiation is used to make indications visible that cannot be detected with the naked eye. Due to the radiation in the wavelength range of 365 nm / 385 nm according to standards, the iPLORE+ UV probes are also suitable for inspections in the pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry as well as in the food industry, for they make product residues such as oils or proteins visible. Therefore, the iPLORE+ UV video probes are not only suitable for surface crack detection but also for purity control.



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Important Information

Please note that this offer includes the interchangeable probe iPLORE+ UV. You can buy the base unit of the iPLORE+ vidoescope here.