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Centering Tools for Non-Articulating VUMAN Video Probes

In addition to centering devices for articulating videoscopes, we also offer centering tools for non-articulating videoscopes. These centering tools are manufactured by viZaar and have been developed for the VUMAN videoscope system.

Centering Tools and their Usage

In industrial video endoscopy, centering tools are especially useful because they help maintain a stable position in the center of the pipe. This ensures a better overview of the application and helps you record significant images and videos. The use of centering tools allows you to maneuver the videoscope faster through the application and makes your inspection more efficient. The distance to the inner tube wall is also beneficial for your camera head, since it is less likely to get in contact with dirt or residue.

Convenient Centering Tool Sets

To cover a wide variety of application environments, our centering tool kits contain several centering disks of different outer diameters. Composition of the centering tool kits:

12.7 mm Set: 

  • 80 mm
  • 60 mm
  • 46 mm
  • 36 mm
  • 26 mm

8.4 mm Set:

  • 60 mm
  • 44 mm
  • 34 mm
  • 24 mm
  • 17 mm

6.4 mm Set:

  • 44 mm
  • 19 mm

6.1 mm Set:

  • 44 mm
  • 19 mm

Centering Tool Case

Store your VUMAN centering tools very conveniently in the specially designed tool case. Each centering disc and mounting clip has its own spot inside. Moreover, the optional optic adapters of the VUMAN also find place inside the centering device storage case.

Mounting the Centering Tools on the Camera Head

The viZaar centering tools of non-articulating videoscopes are mounted in the camera head. Therefore, a mounting adapter is mounted on the camera head and with help of the mounting tool, the corresponding centering disc is screwed onto the adapter.

Single Centering Tools and Custom Solutions

Is the right diameter not available? Or do you need a specific individual component? No problem! Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you and provide you with an individual and non-binding offer.

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