VUCAM Battery Charger

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Battery Charger for viZaar VUCAM

INDUVID offers you various accessories for viZaar videoscopes. Since the VUCAM Series by viZaar consist of portable videoscopes, we offer you especially for these products a huge variety of accessories.
Here, we offer you the suitable battery charger for the LiFePo batteries used for the VUCAM Series. Do you need a new battery charger? Sometimes, it is also advantageous to have an additional battery charger in case you have to charge several batteries at once. Especially when planning longer inspections where you need several sets of batteries, an additional charger allows for more efficiency.

Batteries and Charger in VUCAM Accessory Kit

For the VUCAM XF and VUCAM XO, we also offer useful accessory kits which include one set of spare batteries as well as a battery charger:

VUCAM Accessory Kits