VUCAM Batteries

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Additional Batteries for VUCAM Videoscopes

For longer inspections it is always recommended to carry a pair of spare batteries with you. Our range of NDT accessories therefore also includes different spare batteries for videoscopes.

These spare batteries fit in the following portable videoscopes by viZaar:

Advantages of LiFePo batteries

The batteries of the VUCAM video endoscopes are lithium iron phosphate batteries. LiFePo batteries are durable, maintenance-free, light, charge efficient and are considered very safe. Therefore, they are usually also approved for air transport (transport regulations may vary depending on the country).

Other VUCAM Accessories

By the way: all accessories for the viZaar VUCAM XF and XO models are also available in convenient videoscope accessory kits. They include an extra set of batteries, a charger, carrying straps, protective foils, optics adapters and much more.

VUCAM Accessory Kits