Infrared Camera FLIR ONE Pro LT

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A powerful tool with low costs – the FLIR ONE Pro LT is a portable thermal imaging camera that is connectable to your smartphone. Detect problems that are invisible for the naked eye. Anytime and anywhere – thanks to its simple plug-and-play system. With its adjustable plug “OneFit™”, this camera will definitely fit any phone without removing the case.

Unique image-processing technology

  • VividIRTM-processing improves resolution and accuracy
  • Detect problems sooner and erradicate them
  • FLIR MSX©-technology for even more detailed images

FLIR ONE App for your smartphone

  • Choose a mode: thermal or visual camera, MSX or gallery
  • The FLIR ONE Pro LT offers nine different colour palettes
  • Videos, photos and time-lapse via touchscreen gestures
  • Formats: radiometric JPEGs, MPEG-4 (iOS) and MP4 (Android)
  • Battery information displayed in per cent
  • Even problematic angles can be observed and recorded when your smartphone is connected to an Apple Watch or Android smart watch!
    (you can see the image on your watch)
  • Create professional reports with FLIR Tools®

For professional use or free time

  • Create artistic thermal images
  • Wildlife observation and recording during outdoor activities in the dark
  • Healthcare for humans and animals
  • Detect technical problems or energy loss in buildings

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