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Non-Contact Temperature Measurement

Benefit from shorter inspections and faster diagnoses when visually searching for mechanical or electrical defects in equipment. The FLIR TG165-X is a compact thermal imaging camera for non-contact temperature measurement with infrared. The FLIR TG165 allows you to see both hot and cold spots and locate potentially defective areas. Since the temperature measurements are contact-free, your inspections become safer and more efficient.

Image Optimization for Even More Efficiency

Like our other Teledyne FLIR thermal imaging cameras, the FLIR TG165-X has a very useful image optimization feature: the patented FLIR MSX technology. MSX makes non-contact infrared temperature measurement even more accurate. MSX technology combines the thermal image of the FLIR TG165-X with the contours of the visual image. This provides the thermal image colors with distinct shapes and makes defect localization much easier.

Convincing Hardware

With the FLIR TG165-X you are optimally equipped. The cross hair laser allows easy targeting of the desired measuring point and the operation is very simple via user-friendly buttons. The small thermal imaging camera has a compact, lightweight yet drop-resistant housing, which makes mobile use very easy. The 4GB internal memory provides space for 50,000 images and the 3.7 V battery guarantees long inspection sessions of up to 5 hours.

Overview Technical Data FLIR TG165-X

  • IR resolution: 80 x 60 px
  • Temperature sensitivity: < 70 mK
  • Field of view (FOV): 51° x 66°
  • Image frequency: 8.7 Hz
  • Object temperature range: -25 °C to 300 °C
  • Accuracy:
    At 50 °C – 100 °C: +/- 1,5 °C
    At 0 °C – 5 °C und 100 °C – 300 °C: +/- 2,5 °C

Other technical data of the FLIR TG165-X that is important for non-contact temperature measurement can be found in our data sheet:


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