Infrared Camera FLIR E6-XT

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Astonish your clients by presenting them stunningly detailed thermal images that the FLIR E6-XT creates with its resolution of 43.200 pixels and FLIR’s MSX® technology. The E6-XT helps you detect the reasons for possible loss of energy in buildings or the reason for overheating components in electrical applications. Show the extent of temperature fluctuations by creating conclusive temperature patterns.

User-friendly FLIR E6-XT

Like the FLIR E4, E5 and E8-XT, the FLIR E6-XT comes with the unique image optimization technology MSX®. Combining the images of the daylight and infrared camera, the MSX® software creates a genuine thermal image which shows exactly where particular temperature patterns are.

Be mobile with the FLIR E6-XT

Up to 4h battery runtime make long-time recordings with this infrared camera possible. You are also able to work for a longer period of time without having to interrupt your inspection due to an empty battery. Furthermore, the FLIR E6-XT offers protection class IP54, meaning that the housing of the IR camera is dust-, splashed, and shockproof and withstands falls up to 2 m. Since the E6-XT is very compact and lightweight, it can be put in a belt pouch for easy transport.
The FLIR E6-XT can connect to your mobile device (phone or tablet) through wifi. Via FLIR Tools® Mobile App you can look at the images and, if necessary, make critical decisions on the spot.
Also very convenient is the fact that you can transfer your inspection data without much effort via micro USB to any PC or Mac. The standard image format is JPEG, so any standard device is able to open them.

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