Wide Angle Borescopes

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Wide Angle Borescopes

Sometimes, the standard view is not enough when you want to or need to see a wider area. Therefore, we offer several rigid endoscopes with a special wide angle optic.

Our Boroscopes with Wide Angle

Our product range includes wide angle borescopes starting at an outer diameter of 1.8 mm and we offer diameters of up to 4.0 mm.  They are available in lengths from 95 mm to 175 mm. Further information on direction of view (DOV) and field of view (FOV) of our wide angle borescopes is provided in the table below:

1.8 mm 95 mm80°
1.8 mm160 mm80°
2.7 mm110 mm95°
2.7 mm110 mm30°85°
2.7 mm110 mm70°80°
2.7 mm187 mm95°
2.7 mm187 mm30°85°
2.7 mm187 mm70°80°
4.0 mm175 mm100°
4.0 mm175 mm30°100°
4.0 mm175 mm70°100°

Are you unable to find the right wide angle borescope for your individual inspection? Are you missing a certain length or another configuration? Contact us and we will look into possible solutions that are not listed in our web shop.

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