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Professional Documentation of Industrial Endoscopy

The VUVISION documentation system for direct visual inspection offers you the possibility to create reproducible documentations of your visual inspection with optical borescopes.
The Full HD resolution and numerous settings and adjustment features make the VUVISION the perfect complete solution for industrial endoscopy with both rigid and flexible endoscopes.

Compatible Endoscopes

Borescopes and fiberscopes can be connected to the VUVISION endoscopy documentation system via VUHD handle. Connect either already existing borescopes or combine them with some of the optical devices that we offer here, such as universal borescopes, or micro fiberscopes.
Furthermore, you can add specific video probes with the VUSCOPE camera handle. Find out more about our range of VUSCOPE probes.

Special VUVISION+ Features

If your inspection requires more than just documentation, the VUVISION+ can offer you more additional features. Use the smoke reduction feature to reduce disturbing influences such as moving particles, show a reference image via split screen or benefit from the selective color enhancement.

Incredible Efficiency

Increase your productivity and benefit from reproducible inspection processes with the VUDESK test station by viZaar. The customizable desk is ideal for the use in production lines due to the integrated test device. While the fixture prevents damage to test object and borescope your inspection can be documented with the VUVISION or VUVISION+. This enables simple, standardised inspection procedures for fast and reproducible testing processes.