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Powerful Illumination MultiLED MT COLOR

GSVITEC’s MultiLED MT COLOR is with 50.000 lumen one of the most powerful lightings of its kind. Like the MultiLED QT COLOR, the MT COLOR can be controlled via GSVITEC G8. Through this controller, you are able to make lots of setups and adjustments such as the light intensity, pulse width or delay. Moreover, the LED QT has two light modes: pulsed and continuous.

High Versatility

This MultiLED is a very versatile tool. This lighting has several interchangeable lenses with opening angles of 15°, 25°, 45° and 75°. This means, you only need a single lighting and can adjust the angle depending on the situation.

Colors and Brightness of the MultiLED MT COLOR

Royal blue450 - 460 nm172.000 Flux (mW)
Green520 - 535 nm30.000 lm
Yellow560 - 650 nm21.400 lm
Red/orange610 - 620 nm26.100 lm
Red620 - 630 nm21.000 lm
Photo red650 - 670 nm124.000 Flux (mW)


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