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The Classic amongst Illuminations

The MultiLED QX by GSVITEC is the allrounder amongst high-speed imaging illuminations. With this 12.000 Lumen strong illumination, you will be able to face any challenge! Use the QX lighting in combination with the GSVITEC GX8 Controller. This controller offers you perfect control over LED light intensity, pulse frequency and other useful settings.

Extremely Versatile MultiLED QX

A big plus for the MultiLED QX is its versatility. It has exchangeable lenses with opening angles of 25° x 25°, 40° x 40°, 60° x 60°, 30° x 13°, 60° x 12°. This way, you only need one LED lamp that you can adjust to any situation, depending on which angle you need. Furthermore, the LED QX has two light modes: continuous and pulsed. Thanks to the standard ¼ inch connector, you can adjust the lamp to any standard camera equipment.

Next Generation High-End Illumination

As the follow-up model to the MultiLED QT, the MultiLED QX can be connected to the GX8 controller with the new MultiLED GEN4 system cable and thus delivers, for example, a minimum pulse time of 200 ns. With the new optics system, it can be used even more flexibly than the predecessor model MultiLED QT.