MultiLED Ring 100

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The Ideal Illumination for Microscopy

The GSVITEC MultiLED Ring 100 and MultiLED Ring 200 are both very suitable for macro- and microscopy applications. In the focus point, the LED ring has several million Lux. At high frame rates, an aperture up to 22 can be achieved. At a focus distance of 50 mm, an area of 40×40 mm is illuminated. If you need any other distances or colours, please contact us!

The inner ring has a diameter of 78 mm; the outer ring has a diameter of 140 mm. The lamp has two standard ¼ inch connectors to connect to tripods or other common camera accessories. The ring is controlled via BNC and TTL signal (pulse width up to 30 kHz). The following opening angles are available: 20°, 30°, 50°, 60° and 180°.


Please beware that the LED ring cannot be operated in continuous mode without an additional cooling module. If you need such a module, contact us!

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