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MultiLED QX MINI – The State-of-the-Art Illumination for Smaller Areas

The small 7.000 lumen MultiLED QX MINI is the ideal tool for lighting up smaller inspection areas. It has seven white LEDs with 70W. In order to create a portable and compact camera, GSVITEC decided to abandon every unnecessary feature. The lens is fixed and cannot be exchanged. But you can buy them with three different opening angles (22°, 27° or 41°).

Small Light Shines Bright

The tiny MultiLE QX MINI can also be controlled via GSVITEC GX8. Connect up to eight LEDs to make one big light out of several smaller ones. Comfortably adjust pulselength and intensity.
Weighting only 270 g, the MultiLED QX MINI is a true lightweight. That makes it incredibly easy to place it in the smallest and hardly reachable places. Furthermore, the LED has a standard ¼ inch connector and can be adjusted to any standard tripod.