MultiLED G8/GX8 Controller

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Intuitive Controller for High End LED Illumination

The MultiLED G8 and MultiLED GX8 are GSVITEC’s illumination controllers. To these controllers you can connect up to 8 LED lamps. Benefit from a wide range of useful features and settings such as regulating light intensity, pulse length and delay. The built-in colour LCD display of the MultiLED G8 and GX8 makes operation easier. Intuitively navigate through the menu and setups via rotary switch!

Technical Data of the GSVITEC Controllers

The MultiLED G8 controller and GX8 controller both offer a power supply of up to 1.2 kW. Suitable power adapters are available upon request. The standard versions of G8 and GX8 have a desktop housing. For more challenging environments, we can offer different housings, as well as different connection types, if necessary. Don’t hesitate to contact us for customized solutions!

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Compatible GSVITEC Lights

MultiLED G8 Controller:

The following GSVITEC lamps can be operated with the MultiLED G8:

MultiLED GX8 Controller:

The MultiLED GX8 Controller is the successor model of the MultiLED G8 Controller. It can control the following GSVITEC lamps: