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Full Power with the MultiLED MX

Its 50.000 lumen white light LEDs make the MultiLED MX one of the most powerful illumination systems of its kind. Like the MultiLED QX, the MultiLED MX can be controlled via GX8 Controller. As always, suitable power adapters are available upon request. By connecting to the GX8 controller, you are able to access a numerous amount of settings, such as light intensity, pulse width or delay. The MultiLED MX can be used in continuous operation as well as in pulsed operation.

Brightness of the LEDs

  • White: 50.000 lm
  • Blue: 30.000 mW

Versatile Illumination System

This LED is a very versatile tool for high speed recordings. With the MultiLED MX you can use different interchangeable optics with the following opening angles: 25° x 25°, 40° x 40°, 60° x 60°, 33° x 13° and 60° x 12°, depending on the current situation.

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