FLIR E4 seitlich

Infrared Camera FLIR E4

The FLIR E4 is a thermal imaging camera that can be intuitively operated. The FLIR Ex series (E4, E5-XT, E6-XT, E8-XT) is designed for the inspection of buildin...
FLIR E5 sidewards

Infrared Camera FLIR E5-XT

FLIR E5-XT for professional use Teledyne FLIR has created a powerful thermal imaging camera that is ideally suited for searching for and detecting electrical an...
FLIR E6 seitlich

Infrared Camera FLIR E6-XT

Astonish your clients by presenting them stunningly detailed thermal images that the FLIR E6-XT creates with its resolution of 43.200 pixels and FLIR’s MSX® ...
FLIR E8 seitlich

Infrared Camera FLIR E8-XT

Enjoy the competitive advantage with the FLIR E8-XT which is able to create pin sharp thermal images due to its extremely high resolution of 78.800 pixels! In c...

iPLORE+ Battery

Please note that the batteries differ depending on the year of manufacture of the videoscope.
iPLORE+ overview

iPLORE+ Kits or Individual Components

iPLORE+ – The handy videoscope with interchangeable probes Special videoscope features 5” LCD screen with a resolution of 800 x 480 px Direct access buttons...

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