Feuchtigkeitsmessgeräte MR

Moisture Meters

Our Range of Moisture Meters With the FLIR MR160, FLIR MR176 and FLIR MR277 we offer you complete moisture measurement solutions with integrated thermal imaging...

MultiLED G8/GX8 Controller

Find out which model is suitable for controlling your lighting in the product description.


Full Power with the MultiLED MX Its 50.000 lumen white light LEDs make the MultiLED MX one of the most powerful illumination systems of its kind. Like the Multi...


The Classic amongst Illuminations The MultiLED QX by GSVITEC is the allrounder amongst high-speed imaging illuminations. With this 12.000 Lumen strong illuminat...
Tragegurt VUCAM

Shoulder Straps

Shoulder Straps for Inspection Cameras In order to make working with your videoscope or any other inspection system easier, we offer special carry straps that y...
LUMLED 7000 und 4000

Stationary light source

Stationary light source LUMLED 4000 Control panel: ON/OFF; LED brigthness control Outlets: 1 x USB; 1 x Jack 2.5 mm; 1 x ESD Power: 65 Watt Illumination: High p...
iPLORE+ overview

Test now: iPLORE+

Handy Videoscope at Top Conditions Take the opportunity to test the following iPLORE+ models: Ø 2.4 mm | 1.5 m probe length | DOV 0° Ø 6.4 mm | 3.5 m probe l...

Tip Adapter Storage Box

Organized and Safe Tip adapters for borescopes are especially small and have to be safely stored and transported. For that reason, we offer you the correspondin...

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